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A Two-Year 60 Credit Course in

New and Better Covenant Theology

Your certificate of completion will be transferable to Crown Institute of Theology to continue on to a Bachelor of Theology Degree at special pricing.

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I hear the Lord calling for, and releasing, a revival that will change the world as we now know it. Gloom, despair, and agony must flee! The devil is a defeated foe. The glory of His Kingdom must grow more, and more unto that perfect day! This revival will come by focusing on the new and better covenant, built on better promises, as revealed in Hebrews chapter eight.

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Here is an opportunity to share university-level training about the Love of Christ, eternal life, praise and worship, discipleship, the fruits and gifts of the Spirit, and perhaps ... the one thing about the way the gospel is commonly presented that could be holding back from the revival you seek?

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N&BC Academy is a six-trimester, two-year certificate program in Better Covenant Theology. Your instructor, Dr. Richard Yarbrough, has over 50 years of experience in ministry. Graduates of this program will receive a certificate of completion. The classes will start in January 2023. All classes are online.

Students completing this course may apply for the Bachelor's program at Crown Institute of Theology. CIT has been training thousands of Pastors and Leaders for over Twenty Five years. It is listed as a religious exempt school and is authorized to grant Bachelors, Master, and Doctorate degrees by the State of Washington, USA.

Revival is coming! How to bring it into your life and local churh.

Learn why the love of Jesus is missing from our theology.

If you don't know what covenant you are in ... you're in trouble.

In the begining, it was all Adam's fault. Two men, the first man Adam was the bringer of death, the second man Adam, Jesus, is the giver of eternal life.

The keys to the Kingdom:

1. Repent

2. Be baptized for the remission of sins

3. Receive the Holy Spirit.

Grow up! The gospel of the Kingdom is outlined in the Principles of the Doctrine of Christ.

Victorious Eschatology. His Kingdom shall know no end.

Prepare for a Career in Ministry as an Associate Pastor, Teacher, Bible Study Leader, Missionary, Guest Speaker, or Mid-level Church Management.

Ordination programs are available.

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Send an e-mail to Dr. Richard Yarbrough at and ask for your free PDF copy of "Covenant Baptism". This is an exhaustive study of the baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire and water baptism. Covenant Baptism is 214 pages that God will use to spark a revival larger than the Pentecostal movement.



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